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Monday, March 28

Camping in the Yakima Canyon

Its been quiet some time since my last post here ... so long ago I'd rather not talk about it ... but such is life with an active Hubby, two ACTIVE little girls, a home, traveling/camping, crafting, cooking, blogging about crafting and cooking :-) and all the pesky chores that seem to interfere ... While retrieving and organizing the last batch photos off of the camera, I came across these from two weeks ago and thought I would post them. 
 Lylah and Momma waiting for Daddy to start the fire :-)

 Hi Dadda!

 Sydney making some stew (in the fire pit we didn't use)

 Sharing some snacks...

 Being silly ... 

More silliness and "Hi"
 Lylah making some Honey Bunny and rock stew 

 Helping Daddy start the BBQ for dinner

 Enjoying S'mores :-)

 Lylah enjoying her "s'more"

 Love how Sydney's sitting in the pic :-)

Sydney enjoying her "hike" with Daddy

This camping trip really made us realize how we miss living in Ellensburg ... so much that we drove around looking at a few homes for sale :-)

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