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Monday, March 28

Camping in the Yakima Canyon

Its been quiet some time since my last post here ... so long ago I'd rather not talk about it ... but such is life with an active Hubby, two ACTIVE little girls, a home, traveling/camping, crafting, cooking, blogging about crafting and cooking :-) and all the pesky chores that seem to interfere ... While retrieving and organizing the last batch photos off of the camera, I came across these from two weeks ago and thought I would post them. 
 Lylah and Momma waiting for Daddy to start the fire :-)

 Hi Dadda!

 Sydney making some stew (in the fire pit we didn't use)

 Sharing some snacks...

 Being silly ... 

More silliness and "Hi"
 Lylah making some Honey Bunny and rock stew 

 Helping Daddy start the BBQ for dinner

 Enjoying S'mores :-)

 Lylah enjoying her "s'more"

 Love how Sydney's sitting in the pic :-)

Sydney enjoying her "hike" with Daddy

This camping trip really made us realize how we miss living in Ellensburg ... so much that we drove around looking at a few homes for sale :-)

Wednesday, January 12

New Goals ... New Look ... New Year ... New Updates :-)

Working to update the format of our blog for 2011 ... not quite finished but its time to head for bed! On the agenda for tomorrow: figure out how to change the font styles and colors within the template design for the headers, drop-downs, etc ... any and all suggestions much appreciated :-) Thanks!

Thursday, May 6

A Day at the Park ...

Here's some pics from our last trip to the park ... I believe it was Earth Day. We packed a picnic, loaded the girls up in the wagon and off we went!!! Enjoy :-)

 Hanging out in the grass ... 

Her crazy hair :-)

Running over to get in front of the camera ... she never wants to miss a photo opp!

A little unsure about the grass ...

Busy little girl!!

Lylah loves the swing!!! 

Packed up and heading home ...


Tuesday, May 4

Easter 2010

Here are a few pics from Easter as well a few others from the last month or so ... there are too many pics to makes note about each one but I'll note a few :-)

BTW ... we are on the tail end of our kitchen remodel ... I will posts before and after pics soon :-)

A couple updated of Lylah ... she's our little waver "Hi!"

Passed out with her foot resting on Momma's arm while I'm doing some homework ... Kinda wish I was asleep, too! 

Our little "Dress-Up" girl Sydney ... has too much dressing up and now its time for a nap!

Our little shopping diva!!!

Hangin' out on the swings with Momma :-)

Toothy grin ... 

She calls this her "police hat" ... Oh how I love her curls :-)

Lylah had too much St Patio Day (as Sydney says) dessert!!!

Dying Easter Eggs with Momma ...

The best pic of about 10 on Easter

In their matching "sister" P.J's ... from the Easter Bunny!

Monday, April 26

Sean & Diana's Wedding

Here are a few pics from Sean and Diana's rehearsal dinner and wedding day ... They got married on Saturday, April 24th ... it was a beautiful wedding!!!

Sydney and James ... this was her 4th appearance as a flower girl 
Lylah crawling down the aisle after her sister

 James and Sydney going over what they need to do ... James now introduces Sydney as his girlfriend :)

The tables were amazing ... everything had a romantic glow. They even had sippy cups for the kids. 

Lylah loved the garlic mashers :)

The day of ... getting ready at a salon in Kirkland

My SIL ... The beautiful bride!

Dwinell Ladies ...
it was also Sydney's first time in a limo. She really enjoyed not having to ride in a car seat!

Momma's little Flower Girl :-*

Power nap before the big event ...

Times 2 ... 

Nathan and his Dad ... on guard so Sydney gets her nap in 

Nathan and Lylah ... my little waver blocked her face in all 3 pic I tried taking :-)